Group and Team Shirt Sales

If you would like to have shirts made for your group or team we can definitely help you out!

Some of the biggest pains with group/team shirt sales are distributing the order forms, collecting the order forms, keeping track of everything, and taking payments!

What if we told you we handle all of that for you! We can create a section in our online store just for your group or team. You simply give your group or team a link to the online store. They hop on their phone, tablet, or computer, visit the online store, and purchase the group items that they want. We take the payment and process the order. You never touch a single order form, worry about who gets what size, or take a single payment. How nice is that?!

Once the order is complete we deliver the items to you and you distribute them to your group. Each person’s order will be boxed/bagged individually and clearly marked. This makes it a breeze for you to distribute at your next gathering.

Do you want to do it as a fundraiser? No problem! We will give you our prices and then you can let us know how much to add to the price of each item for the fundraiser.

Once the orders are delivered we will get you a report showing the number of sales, which items were sold, and the amount raised by the fundraiser. With the report, you will also receive a check for the total amount raised! Easy as pie! 🙂