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Swim Team Shirts – Hunter’s Ridge Pool Swim Team

We have been blessed to make the Hunter’s Ridge Pool Swim Team shirts for the past few years! In the past years, we had always sent them paper order forms and the swim coaches collected order forms and payments, and it was just one more thing for them to do. This year they utilized our […]

Father’s Day Shirts

How about a shirt for that special Father in your life? We made this custom shirt as a Father’s Day gift this year. This shirt was made with a 100% polyester shirt and was a full-color sublimation print. The customer submitted the photos and we took care of all of the photo editings, adding of […]

Neighborhood Association Shirts

We were contacted by a neighborhood association to make shirts for the members of their neighborhood. What a cool way to show support for your neighborhood! They supplied a few design ideas. We offered short sleeves, long sleeves, hoodies, and even tie-dye shirts! We set up an online store specifically for them and they passed […]

Custom Tumblers

A group of moms that we know rent a cabin every year and spend a long weekend out of town just to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of Mom life to simply recharge. This year they asked us to make some custom tumblers as gifts for everyone there. I think they […]

Custom Shirts and Bags

Custom Bags and Shirts For An Event

We were contacted by an organization to make custom bags and shirts for an event they were having. We ended up settling on a 2 color green design for both the bags and the shirts. One of the major requirements is that the bags and shirts had to be eco-friendly. Luckily our wholesale supplier had […]