Swim Team Spirit Wear

Swim Team Shirts – Hunter’s Ridge Pool Swim Team

We are honored to have been chosen to create custom shirts for groups, including the Hunter’s Ridge Pool Swim Team, for the past several years. In the past, we relied on paper order forms, which required the coaches to collect both forms and payments, adding to their already busy schedules.

However, this year, we have introduced our streamlined Group and Team Sales process. Now, each team member can conveniently place their desired orders directly through our user-friendly website. This new process eliminates the need for coaches to handle any paperwork, allowing them to focus on coaching. All they have to do is share the link to our online store with parents, who can easily make their selections and complete the transaction. Once the shirts are ready, the coaches simply distribute them to the team members. It couldn’t be easier!

We are grateful to the Hunter’s Ridge Pool Swim Team for their ongoing support and trust in our services. As we continue to refine our processes and expand our offerings, we look forward to serving even more groups in need of high-quality custom shirts.

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